NÜPA IoT Kiosk

Your point-of-care, our smart IoT kiosk.

Contactless, frictionless dispensation of products and services, build for the healthcare system.

Size: 1872 x 1163.5 x 911 mm, Weight: 300 kg


Point-Of-Care can benefit from a solution that will take a patient’s or user’s temperature as they approach a kiosk. Thermometer is integrated with vision sensors and real-time information sent to the nursing center for communication, tracking and action.
Point-Of-Care contactless dispensation of drugs/medication or healthcare products such as face shields, safety gloves, gowns, hand sanitizers, masks, test kits, thermometers, etc.​
Point-Of-Care can also see real-time reports on products being dispensed by location, by doctor, products, amounts and individual transactions.​
Point-Of-Care can use a digital contactless screen for real-time PR messaging and share emergency at the place of care or location.
A patient or user can use mobile app and QR-Scan to collect the product type and quantity as assigned by the healthcare professional. This is contactless and frictionless service.
Healthcare personal protective equipment is being worn by authorized personnel and record and report the number of violations detected in real-time.
Wearable sensor such as smartwatch allowing to continuously monitor patient heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, temperature, sleep, and more. Results are wirelessly and securely transmitted to the base station and the nursing center.
PIPEDA, CCPA, GDPR and HIPAA Compliant and can be tied into healthcare software.
AI-driven healthcare Point-Of-Care powered by machine learning and computer vision tapping into massive amounts of data (such as temperature) connected for the first time by pervasive networks.


How our digital platform is adding value to your point-of-care

NÜPA the intelligent kiosk can be useful in many aspects in the health care system. Some applicability includes: Insurances, acute care settings, remote and rural points of care, retirement homes, Care homes (Long Term Care settings, and Assistive Living).

NÜPA is capable of taking some vital signs of clients and any person passing by it can be beneficial to Insurances. Insurances might find those vital signs data of use in their work related activities.

Acute care settings: Will benefit in retrieving vital signs data from the intelligent kiosk that can assist health care personnel in the delivery of care. In addition, clients and patients can benefit from healthcare gears (such as gloves, PPEs, dressing supplies, etc…) delivery through the kiosks as needed.

Remote and rural points of care: NÜPA can help with the improvement of health outcomes as well as assist residents of rural areas with efficient access to health care system. Individuals living can benefit from NÜPA Kiosk/watch for getting vital signs of clients checked and access some supplies such as syringes and needles, depending on needs in that specific area or location. The platform can also assist some clients with the management of blood sugars either by checking blood glucose or delivering equipment required for the same purpose. The clients will feel empowered in the sense that they will be able to check their parameters; such information would be conveyed to health care professionals for further assistance and guidance.

Retirement homes and care facilities: Clients living in care facilities as well as health care personnel can also benefit from the Intelligent Kiosk through the instant delivery of medical/nursing supplies, as well as vital signs check as desired. Hence, the continuum of care and follow up can be sustained. Health care personnel could easily obtain data from clients/ residents, interpret and act on it accordingly.

Other Vertical: Our system could be transformation not only in the hospital sector but in other retail settings where considerable human traffic circulates. The hospitality industry and the travel industry are faced with clear challenges that the system can address. The system may be able to identify signs of a virus and prevent transmission as a result.