NÜPA Watch

NÜPA Watch 

Convenience and easy-to-use
real-time information about your health.

35mm LCD full touch screen with Physical button.
Waterproof, using time about 7 – 10 days, stand-by 15 – 30 days

English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and more

Your data, your health

Now digital technology is changing the inter-dependency of medical devices and pharmaceutical needs. Wearing a NÜPA watch, your data can be brought together on a single platform for analysis.



More data about you, means you have more control over your health and your healthcare providers can support your health to optimize a healthier you.

  • Heart rate,
  • Blood pressure,
  • Body temperature,
  • Female physiological,
  • Calories,
  • Sleep,
  • Health information,
  • Sedentary alert,
  • Patient location,
  • and more


NÜPA Watch offers a host of lifestyle products and related services that promote and support a healthier way of living, from fitness devices to sleep trackers.

  • Heart rate alarm,
  • Blood pressure alarm,
  • Body temperature tracker,
  • Pregnancy & fertility tracker,
  • Steps tracker,
  • Distance tracker,
  • Sleep record,
  • Running Sport mode(APP GPS),
  • Sports mode tracker (running + walking + cycling + basketball + football + skipping rope + climbing + yoga + swimming)
  • and more


NÜPA watch can pick up mechanical waves that spread through tissues and fluids in the human body that reveal acoustical characteristic signatures, which helps diagnose cardiovascular diseases. For instance, it can recognize and record the opening and closing of heart valves, vibrations of the vocal cords, the contraction of skeletal muscles, and movement in the gastrointestinal tract.

The key point for COVID-19 infection rate prediction is to distinguish COVID-19 anomaly from the whole physiological anomaly. To this end, a cross analysis of the data is need it, supported by our assembling machine learning model which provides a specific capacity of knowledge extraction from heterogeneous data. From the wrist, the NÜPA watch monitors, blood pressure, heart rate and sleep, including body temperature. Capable of being worn 24/7, our wearable solution produces continuous streams of data and uses artificial intelligence to uncover subtle, but potentially lifesaving, insights. Filling a vital data gap, it continuously measures and interprets health activities in ways that are impossible with traditional monitoring systems.


Detecting early-stage deterioration in a your health means the right counter-measures can be taken, and the disease plus the potential comorbidities are more likely to be prevented. NÜPA Watch offers unique potential for patient data aggregation and the application of advanced analytics to anticipate prevention and precise therapy adjustments for better quality of care. It also helps to enable outcomes to be measured on an individual or population basis and reimbursements to be made accordingly.


NÜPA Watch is a smartwatch that works in conjunction with your Mobile phone and other Android and iOS  devices to help you to stay connected.

  • Wireless Communication (Bluetooth Smart, WI-FI),
  • Mobile App + GPS,
  • Notifications (Call, SMS, WeChat, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Snapchat, and more).
  • Find phone,
  • Multi-dial (can upload camera album photos),
  • Alarm, Stopwatch and Timer,
  • Multilingual font support,
  • Historical information review,
  • and much more.


Wearing NÜPA Watch, communication with healthcare practitioners can be done through cloud-based data sharing, independent data access, seamless patient onboarding, and the use of multiple communication channels (chat, secured e-mail, secured account, etc).

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